Saturday, 23 August 2014

Spotlight on: Yellow

If I were to ask someone what they thought of when I said 'yellow', the majority of people would say the sun (or, if you're my mum, you reply 'mellow' and starting singing 'I'm just mad about Saffron...' courtesy of Donovan). It's a bright, uplifting, positive colour - so why aren't we more confident about using it in our interiors? Surely a colour that personifies happiness is a colour we should surround ourselves with.

But maybe using yellow in an interior is as tricky as trying to wear yellow. It's all about getting the right tone to suit you, using just the right amount of yellow to capture the eye but not steal the show. Too much of it (and indeed anything) is just too much...

But in moderation it can be inspiring...

Personally, I'm a big fan of a grey and yellow palette. The yellow lifts the grey and brings a fun energy into the space, whilst the grey keeps the yellow from being too overbearing and keeps the scheme on the right side of sophisticated.


All in all, a little bit of sunshine in our lives can only be a good thing surely!

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